It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just a few months away and that the year will come to an end soon. This is the perfect time to plan & organise your corporate Christmas Party for the office, it’s always best to start planning as early as possible to avoid the last minute run around (especially when most venues & suppliers are fully booked over this period).

In fact, an office Christmas party can also be ideal to reward your employees for their hard work and achievements. It’s no doubt that most of your employees will definitely be looking forward to this annual event. Which is why it’s best to plan months ahead so that your Christmas party will be successful.

Set a budget

Always remember that without a proper budget, your corporate events can never work out the way you want it to be. Ensure that there is enough money set aside for any year-end events for your office that can cover costs for things like food, drinks, invitations, venue and entertainment.

Choose a date

It’s important to set a date for your office Christmas party as soon as possible. These parties are normally held in November/ December, most companies typically choose Fridays & Saturdays so if you’re one of those who are trying to avoid disappointments, then it’s best to host your Christmas party earlier in the week.

Selecting a date in early of January is not a bad idea either. Some people may not celebrate Christmas but the New Years instead. By choosing to celebrate in January, your employees can celebrate both Christmas and the New Year + there will be a lot more availability with venues & suppliers.

Hunt for the perfect corporate Christmas party venue

Choosing the perfect venue for your office Christmas party is easy when said but can be really tough especially once you’ve set out on searching.

Be sure to choose carefully and also remember to check with the venue on important things such as:

– Does the venue provide catering services? 
– Do they hire out A/V equipment?
– Does the venue give off any festive vibes/ is it located in an area that’s hyped with festive activities?
– Will the venue be able to accommodate the number of guests you’ll be having for the party?
– Is the location convenient for everyone to access + ease of access to public transport?
– Do you need to set aside some budget for decorations? (Read our blog about events on a tight budget)
– And last but not least, will the venue be available on the selected date?

Set a theme

It’s no surprise that when it comes to parties, people enjoy themed ones a lot more. Themed parties are also great for unleashing creativity to your party’s decor as well as encouraging your employees to take part in the event.

Instead of choosing a common theme like “80s/ 90s or Casino Royale”, go for an interesting and impressive theme that are out-of-the-box. Even though it may be a Christmas party, that doesn’t mean that everything must go according to the Christmas theme. Themes like “Under the Sea” or “Around the World” would make amazing options for you to try out at your next office Christmas party.

Finding the ideal catering choice

Every party is incomplete without food and drinks. Think about the types of food you’d want to have at your office Christmas party, are your employees health-conscious? Will there be any sort of food restrictions/ dietary requirements that you’ll need to consider? Will alcohol be served at your party and will it be open bar or cash bar?

Catering also plays an important role at parties as you’d want to leave a good impression on everyone. If budget is of concern, go for an informal setting at your corporate Christmas party instead. With an informal catering-style, you’ll have a wide variety of food options to choose from such as a buffet-style or a fun outdoor Christmas BBQ. But of course, don’t forget to include the traditional roast turkey or other Christmas-themed cocktails!

Entertain your guests

If the venue you’re going for doesn’t provide entertainment, think about incorporating something memorable and interactive into your event that will guarantee lots of praises from your guests.

Since it’ll be Christmas season, make your corporate party festive and joyous by hiring a Santa Claus/ Mother Claus to keep your guests in the mood, they can also co-ordinate the “secret Santa gift swapping”. Place a catchy Christmas-themed photobooth at your event for your employees to capture memorable moments (you could even have Santa join in too).

There are also some other options you could try to lighten up the Christmas atmosphere at your office party, eg:

  • Live band.
  • Entertainers (magicians or comedians).
  • A fun awards ceremony.
  • Including a dancefloor.
  • A cabaret / dance show.

Rounding up your suppliers

Now that you’ve settled the rest, it’s time to round up any extra suppliers that you may need for your event. Depending on how you plan on executing your office Christmas party, you may have to look into other suppliers to handle your party’s decorations, furniture or maybe even an AV technician to help make your event more stunning.

Last but not least…Christmas gifts!

Don’t assume that an office Christmas party is enough to reward your employees. They deserve to be rewarded with gifts too (especially after all the hard work they’ve put into the company).

One way to make your party attractive is to organize everyone to bring a ‘Secret Santa’ gift. Besides being a fun-packed activity filled with surprises, it’s also a great way to get your employees to bond well together during the festive season. Of course, do plan your Secret Santa activity ahead of the party so that your employees will have enough time to go around and search for their gifts.

If Secret Santa isn’t something you would want to try, you could also give out branded gifts to your employees at the party. It’s definitely one of the easiest solutions when it comes to gifting and there are tons of suppliers you could look to for branded gifts or merchandise but try avoid the usual “pens, caps & USB’s” and opt for something more exciting like branded cookies, wine, cufflinks or candles.


Office parties are all about celebrating, catching up socially with your coworkers and ensuring that your company culture, work ethic & team bonding remains strong. With Christmas just around the corner, take some time to plan your corporate Christmas party for your employees, something that is fun and stress-free, but meaningful to everyone (especially those who deserve recognition for their all their hard work & dedication).

If you don’t enjoy planning or it’s just too overwhelming, think about hiring a corporate event planner who can assist you in sourcing a venue, caterers & all suppliers.

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