Corporate events aren’t just about meetings in the office or making a conversation with colleagues, catering also plays a big role in ensuring your office party goes well. No matter how big or small your corporate event will be, your guests will definitely remember how good (or bad) the food was. Here are some awesome corporate catering ideas for you to check out!


Make your catering table more aesthetic with a well-presented grazing table! Grazing tables are decorated with an assortment of foods such as fruits, cheeses, deli meats and even gourmet delicacies that can definitely leave a good impression on guests. Best of all, grazing tables are all about customising food options and these are certainly perfect for grazing away at any business meeting or function.

If you’re thinking of organising a smaller event, then grazing platters would be perfect to try out too! Like grazing tables, these foods are placed on grazing boards and are arranged to be served as platters. Rustic and unique, these delicious grazing platters and tables will surely have your guests satisfied!

If you’re all about impressing everyone with a huge selection of food to choose from, then a buffet table would be perfect to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! Make your corporate lunch more interesting by having an Asian buffet spread for a change. It’s a great way to show diversity aside from it being “all you can eat”!

Chao Catering

Looking for something different that doesn’t involve buffet tables or platters? Hire a food truck to handle your catering! Food trucks are everywhere these days with all sorts of food variety to choose from. From Mexican street food, to greasy burgers, and even Asian cuisine, these food trucks are so convenient as they literally bring their own kitchen to your event! Food trucks are also perfect for outdoor events and are suitable for casual and laid back corporate events.

For a more relaxed sit-down atmosphere, consider organising a sit-down catering style with the meals being served to everyone at the table by a service team. This is great if you’re looking to just sit down with your colleagues and have conversations with them at ease. Although this option may be pricier, but with a ton of hospitality, you and your colleagues would surely be able to enjoy a private fine-dining restaurant experience together for once!

Fancy a cup of tea with some delicious pastries instead of having big meals? Throw an afternoon tea party for the office! Afternoon teas are all about serving finger foods, delicious mouth-watering desserts such as scones, tarts, muffins and also slices of cake, as well as cups of tea. To make your afternoon tea party more extravagant, look for caterers that are known for creating exceptional and beautiful presentations combined with great service to ensure your party will be a ‘sweet’ and memorable one.

Petal Met Sugar

Got a colleague whose birthday is just around the corner? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Treat that special colleague to an awesome and tasty cake that will leave them surprised. To ensure their birthday cake is special, customise their cake to fit to their liking. It can be something that represents their personality, a hobby or even a favourite TV show or movie character! Just don’t forget to plan it all in advance.

Black Velvet Sydney

With the right catering style, your corporate event will surely be a successful and memorable one! Check out the companies we’ve featured in this blog below:

Eat.Graze.Love: Sydney
Goodness Gracious: Sydney
Chao Catering: Sydney
Eat Art Truck: Sydney
Monster Rolls: Sydney
Cantina Movil: Sydney
CHEFIN: Sydney
The Fresh Collective: Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane
Petal Met Sugar: Sydney
Black Velvet: Sydney

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