So, you already have everything you need for your event – catering’s sorted, decorations are up, you’ve got your guest list ready too.

But, something’s missing. Suddenly, that empty corner or space at your party becomes too noticeable. A backdrop might just be the missing piece you’ll need to complete your event.

Here are some inspirational backdrop ideas for your next event!

  1. Champagne/Prosecco Wall

Looking for something that could make your party appear fancy yet still be affordable for your budget? Hire a champagne/ prosecco wall!

Perfect for any event including weddings, corporate events, baby showers and even engagement parties, a wall like this may feature a stunning backdrop along with rows of champagne glasses that are displayed on it. Not only will your guests grab drinks from it, this wall is also the perfect place for them to take photos!

Rather than keeping the wall plain with just rows and rows of glasses, add a few decorative elements to it such as a personalised message, balloons or even flowers.

Champagne/Prosecco Wall | Plum Crazy Agency

2. Balloon Wall

Aside from incorporating plain backdrops with decorative elements to your party, consider placing a balloon wall as your party backdrop.

Turn a plain wall at your party into an extravagant one with nothing but balloons. To make your balloon wall attractive, use balloons of different shapes and colours or add some ornaments to it like floral pieces.

Love the idea of a balloon wall at your party? Check out our previous blog where we covered balloon trends for other balloon ideas.

3. Multi-layered panels as backdrop walls

If what you’re looking for is something simple and easily customisable, a multi-layered backdrop wall may just be what you need for your party.

Similar to the ones we have for hire, you can easily pair these walls with other different types of walls like a champagne wall or even a plain green wall. They’re so flexible that you could even use them to just showcase a personalised message, cover them up with strings of fairy lights, decorate them with balloons or adorn them with flowers!

It’s definitely perfect for weddings, birthday parties and pretty much any kind of party!

4. Floral backdrop wall

Floral backdrops are just some of the backdrops that are always in trend and suits easily any type of occasion. Whether it’s for a photo booth or just to make that blank corner more appealing, if a floral backdrop is what you need for your party, with a plain green wall such as this one, you can turn it into anything you want!

You can even pair it together with a champagne wall if you’re feeling ‘extra’.

5. Shimmer walls

Hosting a glamourous party but on a budget? Shimmer walls are also trending for parties nowadays!

If you’re not sure what a shimmer wall is, it’s basically a backdrop made of linked metallic discs or squares that’s easily distinguishable from sequins curtains or backdrops. Nevertheless, sequins curtains could also be an amazing shimmer wall especially if you’re planning your party on a budget.

Whether you go for a balloon wall or a floral backdrop, we’re certain that these backdrop ideas will stand out at your party.