Incentive trips are times when you get to show your employees how much you appreciate their achievements at work by simply awarding them with travel experiences. If budget is your main concern, you should know that incentive trips don’t always need to break the bank.

With the right bit of planning, you can easily organise an inexpensive incentive trip that will definitely appeal to your employees. Here are some tips on how you can plan your next incentive trip without even breaking the bank!

Plan in advance

Booking an incentive trip in advance helps a lot in many ways. Flights and other carriers are usually cheaper if you book months-in-advance or sometimes, at the very last minute (eg. three weeks before the planned date). You can also try booking your tickets for a Tuesday or Wednesday as these are the least traveled days so there is a chance that you might be able to snatch a lower rate. It’s also best that you survey all of the relevant websites for a better rate as the prices are constantly changing everyday.

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Bulk bookings

Bulk bookings are a great option to score amazing deals on flight tickets and most importantly, accommodation. Many resorts and retreats are known to offer corporate packages for a great deal, especially during seasons like EOFY. Besides accommodation, some places are known to offer other packages that include team building packages, workshops and even classes like well-being classes.

When doing bulk bookings, be sure to also lookout for group tours as they are a cheaper travel option. Group tours are perfect for socializing with others and tours like these are convenient and safer when done with many people especially if you’ll be travelling elsewhere. Normally, a large group would make it easier for you to score special tours and packages for a cut-rate price.

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Travel during off-peak season

Never travel during peak seasons if you’re looking to travel on a budget. You can cross-out bringing your coworkers on the incentive trip during the December period and plan on a date that doesn’t involve traveling on a festive/religious holiday. Because think again, if you’re going to a location that will be packed with tourists, then you’re definitely going to be paying twice the amount for hotels and even airline tickets.

Besides, there are so many pros to traveling during the off-peak seasons. Apart from saving up a lot of money, you won’t need to face a huge crowd when traveling to a popular tourist destination. This makes sightseeing a whole lot better when the location is less crowded with tourists.

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Whether you plan on organizing your trip within NSW or abroad, remember that incentive trips are all about thanking your employees by bringing everyone on a fun-filled trip away from work. So make sure to follow these tips that we’ve given above so that your trip will go according to plan and that you and your employees will have the best memorable experience ever!

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