Often times we seek for advice from professionals online and end up getting the same strands of information over and over again. Surely these tips do help, but having 9 tabs open on your browser and sifting through the same information can boil frustration up for anyone. Sometimes we want to read up on a few hints from the everyday person, so here are three of the best event management tips from an outsider’s perspective:

Look around, don’t settle for the first thing that you find.
Event service directories are your best friend here. They allow you to sift through all of your décor hire, venue hire, photography, catering and entertainment options easily. Planning a major corporate event, wedding or special birthday party normally take months to prepare, so don’t hurry into selecting the first available option that you found.

Use an event service directory to compare quotes and quality of different products and services and make sure that you choose the best quality product or service that suits your budget.

Stick to your original idea
Your initial idea came to mind and had you excited for a reason; you deserve to have your dream event. Taking advice from friends, family or professionals is important, but don’t bend over backwards to make someone else happy.

Don’t let salesmen drive any products or services that you feel uncomfortable with down your throat. If the company you were interested in for doing your décor hire doesn’t have the right shade of purple that you wanted, rather carry on looking for different event décor hire companies before settling for the pale blue.

Quality over quantity
This goes for food, décor, and even guest lists. Event management teams often see people scattering around frantically trying to make sure that they have an overload of food and décor for their long list of guests. Remember that quality is more important that quantity.

Look over your guest list and make sure that you are not inviting people unnecessarily or that you are not inviting people that you know have a reputation for not showing up.

Next, consider the catering option that you selected. It will be better to overwhelm people with the quality of a good meal rather than having trays of buffet food left over once the guests clear out.

When it comes to décor, having a refined and elegant atmosphere is better than having tacky looking décor in abundance around your venue. Even if hiring the glass centre pieces will be pricier, it will look much better than the plastic vases with fake flowers and it will also mean spending less time and effort on additional décor to make the low-quality décor look better.

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