Holiday parties at the office can sometimes be dull if planned improperly. To ensure that your corporate Christmas party will be a blast for everyone, you should really start planning now so that your employees will definitely be excited to attend it. With just a few months left to plan the ultimate Corporate Christmas Party for everyone at work, here are some awesome and fun ideas you could try!

Become a kid again and visit the arcade (with a bar)

Instead of your typical office Christmas party that includes just socialising and munching on whatever there is that your caterer has cooked up, why not host your Christmas party with a fun twist by bringing everyone to the arcade (with a bar) for a wild evening of arcade games and booze! Witness your employees go head to head and relive their childhood moments with arcade games like Mario Kart, Space Invaders or even Dance Games.

Check out the guys at B. Lucky & Sons as they are an arcade centre for adults. Aside from the games, their cocktail bar will surely impress you and your coworkers throughout the night.

Take part in a fun class

This can be any type of class that allows you and your colleagues to cooperate together as a team while still having fun throughout the entire activity. From interactive cooking classes to cocktail and pottery classes, activities like these are a great way to bond everyone together during the holidays and further allowing your employees to just forget about work and enjoy the holiday season.

If you’re planning on taking your team to a cooking class, this is a great time for you and your team to learn a few good recipes for Christmas. If everyone’s keen on a few drinks, then it’s ideal to book everyone in for a special cocktail class. If you and your team are all about exploring creativity, then a good old pottery class will work best (and some allow you to BYO wine)!

Show off your bowling/karaoke skills

Karaoke and bowling activities used to be fun for everyone but some people may find them both rather dull and outdated. However, if you’re keen on organising one for your Christmas event, all you need is some creativity, fun & incentives.

Opt for a venue that offers not just amazing quality facilities, but make sure you look out for venues that offer the best catering service too. To make your event more attractive, spice it up by adding other additional party activities to your bowling or karaoke night, like a photobooth or a prize giveaway to the team that scores the most at bowling night.

Be adventurous with a game of laser tag or escape room

For those who enjoy a rush of adrenaline and adventure, consider taking your colleagues out to a very fun & intense game of laser tag for your next Christmas party!

Laser tag activities are always a great way to bond your team together whilst seeing everyone enjoying themselves as they battle among each other. But if you’re looking for a more adventurous mind-bogging solving game, then you should give an escape room a try. Escape rooms are so much fun and they’re suitable for anyone at any age. They also come in various themes to your liking with the most common being a detective-theme or even a mystery noir-type of escape room.


…or go crazy with sports, like axe throwing, clay pigeon shooting or archery.

Take your office Christmas party to the next level by organising your party with a game of axe-throwing, clay pigeon shooting or archery!

These fun Sports are just some of the great ways to let your employees release some of that work tension within them, especially before the holidays. It’s also great to spend some time outdoors with your team with the activities like clay pigeon shooting or archery.

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