Backdrops are probably some of the core decor items one must have at every type of party. A backdrop could even act as a party’s main attraction by turning it into a photo booth or photo-taking station. If you’re on a tight budget, having a simple backdrop such as a plain green wall is totally enough for you to decorate it and convert it into the main centerpiece of your party!

Here are some fun ways you can do to turn a simple green backdrop wall into something much more outstanding!

  1. Decorate it with balloons

Balloons in different shapes and colours can help give some volume to a plain backdrop such as the one shown above. Adding a balloon garland to your green wall could also turn it into an attractive backdrop for weddings and even kids parties. So whether your party is big or small, green walls with added balloon decorations will never go out of style!

2. Pair with a fancy champagne wall

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your party look expensive and fancy. Pair a green wall up with a bubbly champagne wall to impress guests. It works great as a champagne booth too so that your guests could easily help themselves to a glass off the wall.

Want to assign guests to their own seats, label each glass with the guest’s name or table number! What’s more, everyone will have their own assigned champagne glass which makes it easier to have refills rather than giving out new glasses which can be a hassle when it’s time to clean up.

3. Add beautiful floral pieces

Turn a plain green backdrop wall into something whimsical by adding beautiful floral details to it! This would look especially lovely if you’re having a green wall as a wedding backdrop for your ceremony or reception.

If you’re planning on combining balloons and floral pieces together for your green wall, add the floral pieces into your balloon garlands just like what Doltone House did for this year’s Melbourne Cup.

4. Pair it with another backdrop

What about pairing a green backdrop wall with another backdrops such as these multilayered backdrop walls! We think such a pairing will make your backdrop a lot more unique and fun especially with the different sizes, colours & layers like how it’s done below.

5. Place a customised sign

Lastly, what better way to personalise your event than to make your green backdrop wall stand out by adding your very own sign onto it! These signs can be your name, a phrase or even a company logo & they vary in material, designs & shapes.

Just like our green backdrop walls or champagne walls, customise your sign to suit your party or purpose. If it’s a champagne wall, a sign such as “Bubbly Bar” would go well.

These are just some of our recommendations on how you can make a plain green backdrop wall more attractive but we know there are so many other ways out there that will definitely work well too! All it takes is some creativity and the right resources, you wouldn’t even need to break the bank to have a perfect backdrop for your party.