Looking for that perfect party theme that no one really knows about? We’ve done some digging on the internet to find you the top 5 trending party themes you should try before your friends beat you to it!

Llama parties for a whole llama fun!

Who says llama parties are meant for kids only?

Like flamingos and unicorns, llamas are one of the trendiest animals you will find for your next party theme . The llama theme has become a big hit with girls and are also the perfect excuse to go crazy by adding some colour and fiesta to your party.

Whether you’re an adult with a thing for llamas (they’re such cool animals, right?), or you have a child who just loves llamas (because they’re super cute) , llama parties are for everyone. Give out mini llama plushies as party favours by setting up a cute “Adopt a Llama” booth for guests to adopt their favourite llama plushie.

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Feeling creative and love hands-on activities? Why not bake a llama cake instead of ordering one! Check out this wonderful tutorial we found that could help you with baking the perfect llama cake.

Be a Barbie girl at your own Barbie-themed party

If you’re a Barbie girl, you will definitely love the idea of a Barbie-themed party! Perfect for birthday parties, kids parties, hens night and even baby showers, this extremely girly theme will get all die-hard Barbie fans (whether young or old) to swoon.

Aside from anything pink, black and white (but mostly just pink) for decor, go for a fun human-sized ‘Barbie Box’ photo-booth as your main party attraction! It’s so creative and cute and we know everyone will have fun taking photos inside.

If you’re looking to spice things up with some alcohol, check out this gorgeous and flashy Bad Ass Barbie Cocktail recipe! It’s not only perfect for a girls night, its appearance and bright colours will surely get everyone wanting more.

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Whimsical boho parties for the true free spirit

Boho chic has always been a great go-to party theme, and with just a quick Google search, it will quickly bring up a lot of beautiful results. From rustic wooden furniture, to vintage rugs and patterned cushions, to anything with frills and lace, it’s all about getting your boho party to look as whimsical and dreamy as possible while combining earthy tones and nature.

With that being said, boho-themed parties are very versatile, whether it’s a bridal shower or a lovely one-year-old’s birthday party. If you’re looking to host your boho party outdoors, consider doing a popup picnic especially with summer just around the corner.

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One of the great things about a boho party is the amount of fun you can put into decorating it. There really is no limit when it comes to organising boho-themed parties. Just take a look at this wonderful setup involving a bell tent for a boho picnic party!

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Can’t go to Hawaii? Bring Hawaii to your backyard!

We know how the Coronavirus has disrupted all travel plans in 2020 so far. If a beach party or a vacation in Hawaii was part of your 2020 bucket list, fret not! Throw a Luau or Hawaiian-themed party at home instead.

To re-create a tropical Hawaiian experience, simply organise a backyard BBQ with the right amount of party decor in place. Get everyone to show up in Aloha attire, this means Hawaiian shirts for the guys and lots of floral prints or beachwear for the ladies.

Throwing a Hawaiian themed party is actually much easier than you think. A tropical backdrop like the one featured below will have your guests taking photos for their Instagram for sure. If you’re planning on a budget, create your own Leis to give out to guests. They’re so much fun to make and you’ll only need a few materials that you can easily find from your nearest dollar store.

Not a fan of the beach? A jungle safari theme might work!

With summer just around the corner, not only will a boho or Hawaiian party work but a jungle party might just be exactly what your next party theme should be!

For most of us, a trip to the zoo will get us closer to seeing all kinds of animals. But with social distancing being a major concern these days, it’s probably best to avoid public places unless necessary. With a little imagination and with some helpful party ideas, you can easily make a safari adventure come true in the comforts of your home.

We know your little ones would love a fun jungle-themed party like this. Which is why we think every little adventurer should look the part too! Look out for fun party favours like these plastic safari hats that are easily available on Amazon, and place one on the corner of each chair for every guest invited.

And let’s not forget the wonderful treats to be served at your party. Just take a look at these amazing cupcakes topped with jungle animal toys!

And there you have it – 5 trending party themes you should know! Whether you’re planning an event for a birthday, a bridal shower, a baby shower or maybe even for an anniversary, these themes are suitable for all ages. No one is too old to have their own 35th birthday in a jungle theme, same goes to a Barbie theme too.

Just remember to practice social distancing and keep your party limited to a small number of guests. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!