2020 has been a rough year for many, no doubt. The Coronavirus has most certainly brought a huge impact to the event industry, with parties and gatherings being forced to have limited guests while ensuring that proper guidelines are being followed.

Weddings have received some of the biggest impacts yet. Even as cases begin to drop, maintaining social distance and proper sanitisation are just some of the new norms for us and have also proven an essential when moving out and about in public. Even though the virus is still around, this doesn’t mean you can’t completely host your wedding.

There are so many ways you can still plan your big day during the pandemic. It may not be how you envisioned it in the beginning, but with a few adjustments and additional steps, you and your guests can still have the best time at your wedding!

  1. Attractive sanitising stations

This is definitely a must-have for any event to help make your guests feel safe and keep them healthy. Knowing that everyone will be touching things, grabbing door handles, shaking hands (probably best to avoid this for now) and picking up glasses, you should have a few sanitising stations ready at your wedding to help contain any spread of germs.

Or you could hand out personalised hand sanitiser bottles as wedding favours to your guests!

2. Label everyone’s glasses

Hand each guest their own glass with their own name on it using an identifiable tag or item so there’s no confusion about which one belongs to whom. It’s a great way to minimise the chance of people drinking from the wrong glass or transferring the virus via contaminated glasses.

You could also label each glass and arrange them onto a fancy champagne wall that doubles as an amazing backdrop & a table seating wall.

3. Socially-distanced seating arrangements

No matter where you’re doing your wedding whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you’ll still need to ensure that your seating arrangements are in accordance with social distancing measures. Space your guests out in an appealing yet distanced formation so that there is at least a 1.5m gap between each person. You could also cluster seats together by household or pairings.

4. Give out custom masks

Provide matching customised masks for your bridesmaids like these pretty lace ones from Etsy. These are even washable so that means everyone gets to keep them and reuse them as many times they want!

If you’re on a budget, get personalised ones with your names and wedding date on by giving out disposable masks such as these for your wedding guests. Otherwise, you could also splurge a bit by getting simpler fabric masks made in a colour or design that matches your wedding theme and hand them out to guests as wedding favours.

5. Hire food trucks instead of sharing foods with guests

With the current guidelines slowly shifting to more “relaxed restrictions”, you could consider hiring a food truck or two at your wedding as the wedding caterers.

Food trucks can be a lot cheaper when compared to sit-down meals. What’s more, food trucks are also great for when you’re looking to have a more relaxed wedding atmosphere!

With these simple steps applied to your big day, we’re hope you have a safe wedding during COVID-19 & don’t let the pandemic spoil your special day! And while your wedding may not be how you anticipated before the pandemic happened, it’ll still be one of the most memorable events of your life to tie the knot during these tough and challenging times.